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Autobiographical reports: a possibility to reflect about literacy teachers’ school memories

Helenise Sangoi Antunes*

This article was elaborated with the aim of getting to know the school memories of literacy teachers through their autobiographical reports. The theoretical reference is based on the studies of Bosi (1999), Bergson (1999) and Bem-Peretz (1992), among others who contributed to the discussion proposed on this paper. The methodology has a qualitative approach, based on studies of Bogdan; Biklen (1994), and uses semi-structured interviews, autobiographical reports and notes on a field dairy with teachers of literacy from the teaching system of Santa Maria/RS. It is believed that the development of a reflexive attitude on behalf of the literacy teachers is also attached to the necessity of knowledge production and to values committed to the principles of ethics, through the strengthening of autonomy in the several dimensions that constitute human existence. As results, it was realized that the organization of school routine ends up, most of the times, preventing the share of knowledge built through professional practice and not encouraging the teacher to invest on the significant experiences of his formation trajectory and on the reflection about theory and practice. However, when the literacy teachers reflect, via autobiographical reports, about their formative processes, they realize how they need to search for new theoretical and practical supports in order to implement critical and reflexive educative practices, thus creating new meanings in relation to their life stories and teaching practices.

Keywords: Literacy. Teachers’ Formation. Autobiographical Reports.

* Profa. Dra. do PPGE do Centro de Educação/Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Coordena o convênio interinstitucional entre o CEALE/UFMG e o GPFICA/UFSM através do Projeto de Pesquisa “Laboratório de Alfabetização: repensando a formação de professores”.
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